nice concept, but this isn't the kind of submission

Dear Authors,

My recent two items were rejected and the review comments says as below.

This item has a nice concept, but this isn’t the kind of submission we’re currently looking for. The functionality provided here isn’t really what we think is in demand. I don’t think this item has sales potential or will really click with the user base.

I respect reviewers view and i accept however i want some to understand what am i missing?

Below are the demo of two items, please review and share your feedback.

Themanify Fontawesome

Construction Cost Estimator

zCube Technology

The first one doesn’t work on mobile/iPad but is more suited to a stock marketplace. There are a ton of free animation codes online - presumably this is offering more or something new?

The second is hard to understand but I do agree with the reviewer - it’s so specialised that it’s unlikely to be something people need in a stock marketplace (plus the styling etc is quite plain so the value is in the functionality over the construction)

Thanks for your views charlie4282.

First one, I agree there are many free animation codes available however this product is intergrated with just selecting the Fontawesome icons then add the animation and download it as a html file to integrate on users codes, this is what i tried to offer by mix both animations and fontawesome icons.

Second one, i see potential sales as there are many products related to construction listed on codecanyon and themeforest as templates on which this item can be integrated as a addon for the visitors to just understand how much budget is require and what should be the cash flow timeline based on built up area & cost per square feet. I am in the process of constructing my home and i had to do this on excel and it sparked having this as a web based portal would help people.

Please feel free to comment.

zCube Technology

What you could do which might have interesting potential is to develop something bigger like a landing page/one page site/ WP theme and build that around your calculator so it’s more of lead USP and increases the value and appeal

I agree that the first is more suitable but you have to fix the mobile issues

Got it charlie4282, will change the design for the second one and will fix the mobile for the first one.

Now the question is, even if i fix the mobile issue for the first one, can i resubmit?

It’s tricky given the initial feedback and frankly I’m not sure how you would adapt it to make it any more than it is.

The mobile issues are a problem but the feedback does not sound like that is the issue for the reviewer

Maybe see if you can go back on the review and get more clarity

Thanks charlie4282!!!