Nicdark support stop providing answers

I have been trying to get the right codes for the social media icons. The icons came preinstalled on the Wordpress template. It would have been great if there was just a blank to fill in the links, but that’s not the case.

Each time the developer sends me to a support page that does not have complete examples.

This is what comes with the template on the back end.

[nd_icon_text icon=’facebook-white’ ]

[nd_icon_text icon=’twitter-white’ ]

[nd_icon_text icon=’instagram-white’ ]

You can see the icons at the left top of the page.

My last communication with Nicdark support, I get this example which is found on the sample page.

[nd_social social=’facebook’ link=’’]

When this string is used the icon disappears.

[nd_icon_text icon=‘facebook-white’ link= ‘’ ]

That’s when she tells me to rewrite the code. I buy templates and use support to help me achieve the results I seek. This is not a tough question, but they have delayed giving me the correct answer.

Can anyone help?