NHS Heroes motion graphic

Hi There,

I’m making a ‘Love NHS’ motion graphic footage for Videohive.
Am i allowed to use the public service NHS Logo ?

Typically you shouldn’t use any logos in anything that you don’t have explicit permission from the owner to do so.

No, you can not use a public logo.

Absolutely not https://www.england.nhs.uk/nhsidentity/identity-guidelines/who-can-use-the-nhs-identity/

Thanks guys, this is good to know.

Charlie4282, That webpage is not relevant in this context, as it refers to appropriating identity be a legal entity/company. It does not mention use by advertising, editorial or creative uses.

On another note, it’s a shame Envato doesn’t allow content for Editorial purposes like other sites. To this end, i’ll continue to create my NHS Heroes motion graphic, but for sale on another platform.

Thanks guys.

The first couple of paragraphs of that webpage are extremely relevant.

As for editorial, I’d be surprised if this was allowed, even if Envato did accept editorial content. There’s a big difference between a logo in the background of a stock video and a template created around an focussing on a specific organisation. So although you might get it accepted elsewhere, it’s also possible you won’t.

If it was me, I’d rearrange the letters, change the font slightly, change the blue slightly, and make the italics slant the other way (is there a word for that?). Is it naughty? Maybe a little bit, but then you’re not using anybody’s IP, and it’s pretty different (probably different enough)… but potential buyers will get the gist.

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'As for editorial, I’d be surprised if this was allowed…"

Thanks SpaceStock. You are actually wrong and i’m not sure you understand the concept of usage of editorial purposes.

Virtually all reputable production stock houses allow content creators use of logos, as long as identified as ‘FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY’. The onus is then passed onto the purchaser not to use the purchased content for commercial feature films etc.

This is the the reason why BBC, Sky News etc do not use Envato/Videohive for professional editorial content.

BBC’s ‘Inside Track’ news series will not use an NHS logo with ‘‘rearrangement of the letters, font changed slightly, change the blue slightly, and make the italics slant’’.

If someone is making a heartfelt documentary about COVID death, having a mocked logo that reads ‘HNS’ or ‘SHN’ with the blue/white colours would seem a bit untasteful and tacky.

Incideintly, Inside Track used my stock video footage of Debenhams, in a feature about high street closures from one of the stock companies that allows uses to upload motion graphics and stock footage - As long as labelled EDITORIAL in the description.

But I do understand this is not the case for Envato so i won’t upload the item here.
But thanks.