NFT Marketplace Rejected

I have received “and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

With some valid criticism on a few points which I can understand and fix, most of which was attributed towards the dark style theme which I (regretfully) added last minute and admittedly rushed testing

but does this rejection mean I am unable to make the changes it needs and resubmit? Have no issue with fixing and improving but feel it’s harsh to say it cannot be resubmitted…

Spent a lot of time on this and believe it would be better quality than what’s currently available, thoughts?

Edit: also commented “Sorry, but this is not ready.” which is entirely different to not being able to resubmit?


Send the review points here.

  • Footer text in dark theme too low in contrast (I completely agree, oversight in testing)

  • HTML Editor for custom pages a mess in dark theme, text is black, background is dark gray (completely agree, oversight in testing - dark theme was given a tiny fraction of the time especially in the backend where only the owner will see)

  • Error pages need to be more helpful (completely agree, I had left it default laravel as a shortcut as all other accepted related apps have done the same, but have no issue with improving the error pages)

  • Custom page url input isn’t working as intended (completely agree, oversight in testing)

  • Video of attempting to click on connect to metamask not doing anything (I had not added an error message for those not using metamask extension, which I assume is reviewers case, silly oversight, get complacent with it just working with months of testing with extension installed)

I understand all of the issues and would have no issue with making the changes and spending further time on testing/error reporting, but after months and months of work to get it reviewed in less than an hour finding some bugs and not letting me work on the issues to resubmit? Feels incredibly devastating

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