Nextpost Instagram - Checkpoint required problem (help-wanted)

Hi, dear Nextpost customers,

As you know, after recent changes in the Instagram server, it’s possible to get some issues for some accounts on some servers while adding the account to the Nextpost and all similar scripts and services.

This very weird issue which happens on the official Instagram app also. Nobody knows the exact reason for the issue.

Anyway, we made some changes in our script to bypass checkpoint required issue. But we are not, sure about its stability. We need some customer help to test it.

We invite to you test our product at Please sign-up this link, add your Instagram account and check if you are able to post. (You may need to clear the cache first.)

Have a good day.

NOTE: We’ve not removed the scripts from Codecanyon. We’ve just disabled them until this issue has been fixed.


I tested the beta app and it is not working for me.
However, I have setup the app on my Bluehost shared hosting account and it is working fine. Last night I got an error but today it is working fine.

Thanks for your feedback.

Works for me (account obrasilelindo):

  • first i got checkpoint_error, I choose SMS, but I didnt received it, but the Mobile app asked me “was you?”;
  • I confimed and tried again: checkpoint_required again, but no email/sms message;
  • I confimed that was me in my phone, and it worked!

@jonatanfroes thanks for your feedback. Sometimes verification code might be delayed or missed.

worked for me!

work for Everyone , trust me
because your App on different (domain & ip )
release new ubdate to make sure if u fix it or not

Work for us. Please i know that is beta but release this first fix.

Yes, working for us.

FYI: To send a code verification, the SMS option not working, but email for me it’s ok.

When are you going to make this version available?


Thanks for your feedback. We’re making some tests and collection feedbacks from users. Update will be released soon.

@elvislopes sometimes SMS codes sometimes might be delayed/missed. Also make sure that you’ve include your phone number in your instagram profile.

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  • SMS is not delivered.
  • Email working perfectly. :star_struck:

Please release this update.


I’ve just tried logging in, chose to verify the login via email. The code arrived and I successfully logged in. Same with the SMS, arrived and successfully logged in.

I’ve also tried to post an image and it worked fine.


Via email worked, I just tried sms, it arrived and it worked perfectly.

email and sms ok

When are they going to release update?

Work fine for me. First some error but automatic enter the code screen about SMS. The SMS came to me and ok the profile on system.

Works perfectly via email. How to update? What should we do now?

Worksfor three accounts only for email. For sms this mistake:
An error occured while sending the verification code! Please try again later!

InstagramAPI\Response\LoginResponse: Select a valid choice. 0 is not one of the available choices.

Thanks all for your feedback!

@od040491mai probably you’ve not included any phone number to your instagram account, that’s why you get such an error.

Hi, when will the update be available?

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Please release the fix meanwhile you finish the new beta. It’s one Week that we have all blocked


@postcode i tried to add account, first one it added properly without any checkpoint - then i tried same account on your app hosted on my domain, there as well it was working without checkpoint.

then i tried adding another account on your app hosted on my domain it was looping checkpoint, same account i tried on your beta and it asked for sms & email option.