Next reviewer soft reject translation



From what I read WordPress do not support tables by default and they can be used of course but by install some plugin. Why then reviewer paste table and add this as a bug:

  1. HTML Elements are not styled properly:


Could you please stop whining. Go here: download the test unit and make sure you style each element in that list and follow those rules. You’ll eventually get approved.


Also, activate twentysixteen and see how all those elements should look


No I can’t stop whining when requirements of WP are from 2013 and there is nothing about tables in content of post which WP do not support by default. How table should looks like? Should they be bordered or I will get soft reject that table are bordered? or maybe I should create AI Blog Theme or talk with Hawking how to create blog ?


Can’t you see that simple table has no padding? That unit test is from the main WordPress themes directory. Coding standards there are way above what you find here, on themeforest. If that’s a requirement, you should follow it.

Also, I am pretty sure you’ll get another soft reject for letter-spacing. It looks wrong to me.


Interesting … then 14-th times reviewer do not see spacing? But to be clear, this reviewer check theme that was submitted 4 soft reject earlier. I know it because one of bug was fixed 4 soft reject earlier and also check zip files that I send them.