Next.js Template was rejected

Hello Authors,
A few days ago I tried to add a template written on Next.js 14 for sale, but it was rejected with the reason “we found it not to the quality standard necessary to move forward”.

Can someone explain to me what I did wrong and what I need to do so that the future templates reach the standards that Evanto needs?

Template github: GitHub - imTheoDoR/gourment-restaurant

The version that the customers were going to receive was modified as follows:

  • I replaced the images with gray images and required size
  • I removed Powered by
  • I replaced everything with Gourmet in Your Name
  • Several texts have been replaced with lorem ipsum

I look forward to your suggestions.

It’s the design, pretty out-dated.

Ok, but can you be more detailed? i.e what could i correct?

General design as not good as for 2024, if you submitted this design, 2018/2020, you’d get the approval.

There’re already similar ( better ) templates on the marketplace and if you’re not offering something new.

Alright, I appreciate and thank you very much for the answers. I wish you a wonderful day/evening. :slight_smile: