Newspaper theme - customisation of Mobile Menu Wrapper and Mobile Live Search Wrapper


I’m using Newspaper theme and have an issue with Mobile Menu and Mobile Live Search. I can’t find the option on the element itself to customise it (change font color/size etc.).

Mobile Menu - I want to customise the font and font color & size on menu wrapper where it shows all categories as well as I would like to add social icons there as they are not showing
Mobile Live Search - I want to customise the font and font color & size on live search wrapper

Thank you for help!


That depends. If you are using the responsive version of the theme, then the font settings for the mobile menu are in the theme panel here Screenshot by Lightshot and the color settings here Screenshot by Lightshot

If you are using the mobile theme plugin, then this has it’s own settings Screenshot by Lightshot

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Regards, Simion C.

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Yes, Right sometimes i too find this problem from mobile menu and mobile live research
IF anyone can tell the answer that how we can do it then it would be great.