NEWSMAG 4 no longer displaying theme panel?

Not sure what happened but there is no longer a theme panel option under my Newsmag drop down menu.

Interestingly enough before this I wasn’t able to make changes to my theme panel ie: change background image.

I’m new to my company and the few people that work here have no idea how to do anything on our website besides make posts.

I’m taking upon myself to self teach - EEKKK scary I know, but I’ve been able to muddle my way through until this point.

Any advice is welcomed, but please break it down for me as though I’m a 5 year old. I won’t take offense, I’m severely uneducated when it comes to wordpress but still have the capabilities to learn.

TIA! :slight_smile:

You should contact the author of the theme to get support, but you will most likely need an access to the account with which the theme was purchased.

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I did reach out to their support at the same time I posted this message. Figured I’d try both methods and see what happens. I’m currently waiting on their feedback after receiving a generic “we got your email” auto response.


As a hint, please note that the Menu Items can be setup from the General WordPress Menus section from here ->
Please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> and we are ready to assist you.

Hope this helps!
Catalin L.

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