News247 template error WP

hi, i just get News247 theme, I downloaded the .zip then unzip it, to leave only the “” file which is the one that contains the theme.
Once uploaded to wordpress, in the “themes” section (first activate the plugs that I was told to activate) I will “customize” and then automatically a horrible legend appears that reads "Ready to publish your first post? Get started here. " once I click on the “get started” link I see that I cannot, the mouse pointer does not allow me to access it. Going back I return and access the web page once I have logged in, and it lets me access "Visual Brizy builder ". But from there, nothing I post can be viewed.
Beyond that problem, it is assumed that what I bought is a template, that is, like any other WP template, if I install it by default, each section to work with, it has nothing at all.
I know that for many 22 dollars they are nothing, but there must be some problem in the middle by which I can not under any point of view upload and see the template and then upload information like a newspaper.
I do not claim that it has content, but at least that it is layout or that it has a “head where to start”.
I looked for a solution in the forum, but I only saw a problem related but with jomoola.
I need help, I sent a message to XLDevelopment, who sells the product, and my interest is to work the template with elementor pro, since I have it and one of the characteristics and facilities was to be able to work with said plugin. and not with “unyson” “brizy” “kobish” “kobish unyson demo” “mega menu” are too many plugs for absolutely nothing, which is at least uploading a pre-built layout.
please help. my work is long overdue for betting and putting money on an “XLDevelopment” theme


Contact with your purchase item author @trippleS right here as a comments

Hope they will helped!

Hi @akira1987

XLDevelopment is not the developer of News247 WordPress Theme.

If you purchased theme from here :

Then use our support desk with your purchased code :

We are ready to help you.

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