News articles on static homepage The Voux

This is a client of Mireille, asking the question: I am building an online magazine with The Voux. Love it! The homepage is static, with a nice slider, side bars, everything. Whenever I post a new article, it won’t go automatically to the homepage. Some will, some won’t. And the problem is, Some articles are posted maybe 6 times on the homepage. Others 2 or 3 times. If I change the settings of the homepage to ‘blog’, this problem is solved. But then gone is the nice homepage with sliders and everything. This is delaying the whole launching process. Does anyone know what to do? To be clear: I want a new article to automatically be posted on the (static) homepage. The new ones showing first.

For item specific queries you need to talk to the author.

@fuelthemes are very highly regarded and experienced and I am sure they will be able to help

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