NewReg is Spamming marketplace using my Name and my Plugin's name.

How do I stop this.

One user named NewReg and few others are promoting my plugin on other author’s themes comment section.

This is making those authors angry and few peoples also commented on my plugin comment section, why I am do such spam.

BUT I AM NOT THE ONE who is doing all this. — This is not me.

He promoted it on

and the author of the theme got angry.

Again the same user:✓&term=ultimate-wordpress-speed-optimizer&from_buyers_and_authors_only=0

Please, please… this is not me.

Please kindly inform this user to stop spamming all around using my plugins name.

Let support know and they will take care of it Envato Help & Support Center

But this guy is just spreading it all around.

What if envato take actions again me? I have just started here.

If you explain what’s happening then they will take action against them not you - better you make them aware of it before you are blamed

I have already done that.