#Newest Items PLEASE

#Newest items, please.

Guys… Envato does not give a single flying ■■■■ about any of us anymore. Fact.

The fact that they’ve abandoned all conversation and have left authors in the dark to scream and shout by themselves… it’s absolutely disgusting.

Envato is no longer a community - it is a selfish self-serving machine.

Time to move on. Period.


#Newest Items PLEASE

Hear that?


Envato does not give a sh1t.

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Envato heard us!

This type of search has been around for some time is nothing new. Best sellers is still under default when you open a page, the only good thing Newest button now is a visible…

What are your thoughts guys?Is the sort theme by default complete? Everything remains as it is?
And how are things on Themeforest with sales after the redesign of the page?