Newest Elite Author!

It took 5 years, but today I got my elite badge! Does that come with a pipe and smoking jacket?

It feels nice, but I wonder- those of you who have been at that level for a while- it is just another hill to climb?

Anyway, on to new projects and sales in 2016.


Congrats :smiley: I’m comming after you :wink:

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Congrats on your achievement!

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Congrats. Great achievement!

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congrats, this is huge :wink: good luck for more success :wink:

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Congrats :slightly_smiling:

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Congrtz brother :smiley:

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Congratulations to you.

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Congratulations brother, mega achievement!

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Thanks everybody!



First of all congrats on your achievement. I remember how does it feel when you enter in Elite club. You have reached a milestone and now change your gear and try to achieve the next milestone in almost half time.

I wish you good luck

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It’s absolutely another hill to climb, heck getting to Power Elite is a mountain.

But it’s absolutely doable. For what it’s worth, here’s my advice based on what i see from other Elites.

Concentrate on building a network of buyers and getting them to stick around. Explore niches and get into the mind of a specific buyer group, tailor everything to them.

Double down on your marketing work, invest in your own traffic channels and take advantage of the affiliate program to subsidise your earnings.

The power of Envato is in it’s ability to amplify your efforts, so make use of it’s tools.

Finally, constantly look for feedback. Find the areas your weakest in and work like heck to strengthen them.

Wishing you way, way more than luck. :v:

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Good luck and great job! :slight_smile: