Newbie Question About Buying Video Clips

Hi everyone. Just needing to ask a quick question that may or may not be obvious to some. I can’t however find the answer having searched around this site so wondered if someone could help.

I’m currently pulling together some videos in my property business and have seen this clip on here that in my opinion looks awesome: Real Estate Logo by Turbocreator on Envato Elements

Is the whole point of buying this so that you can put your own logo in there for the reveal? If so, what video file do you get to be able to add your own logo i.e. Premier, Davinci, etc.

Again probably a daft question but can’t seem to find the answer anywhere and there doesn’t seem to be any sales phone number to call so thought I’d ask here.

Thanks in advance all!

The link you gave is a DaVinci file or else there is a Premiere version.

You get the source files so should be able to substitute your logo in

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Ah ok thanks for clearing that up. Appreciated!