Newbie here, got rejected 4 times straight. Need help.

I’ve been trying this platform for 1 months and tried to upload 5 tracks, but 4 of them got rejected. There was no feedback in reviewer’s mail. Any suggestion?

I linked this track for example.

Eiji Music House · Upbeat Ukulele Summer Fun Kids

Hi! Was it approved? :thinking: The track is very poorly developed, in terms of arrangement, it sounds pretty boring! No development!

Do development for a track, listen to top tracks on AudioJungle and not only, and most importantly, understand whether you like your music at all? Would you buy a track like this (track on your link)?

I didn’t like the track! Sorry! :no_mouth: This is my subjective opinion! :no_mouth:

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Sad but true! I never made a track like this before and this was the best I can make. Maybe that’s reason why it felt completed, but needed more work.

Thank you for replying and giving me advice :smiley:

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only upload things in your own style that you are good at