Newbie Help


I’m new here. I did try searching the forums for this answer, but no luck. Perhaps someone can help me. Thank you in advance.

Alright, we are building a video game and want to get license to use some nylon string guitar music. We will be charging for the game, and don’t want to be limited by the number of downloads/end-users. Alright, so I want this to start with:

From reading, I believe I want the ‘extended license’, but the dropdown menu doens’t offer that. Why not? From the drop down menu, I assume I want the ‘Music Mass Production’ license. Any way I can fix this?

Also, from my reading, there is no way we will be allowed to offer to sell the soundtrack outside of the game. Is there any way around this with the current system? Another license/add-on perhaps?

Thank you very much in advance for any insight you can help with.

There’s no such thing as an extended license for music, so the mass reproduction one would be the way to go. You can’t sell the soundtrack with any of the licenses though, even if the author is happy for you to do so… unless there are sufficient changes to the audio to make it a unique track… i.e. adding sound effects from the game or some narration etc.

However, if the author is non-exclusive, then you can contact them and come to some kind of agreement.

Why would an author be happy to have their music being sold by a buyer?