newbie has an editing question

Ok so I feel like an idiot.

I am a newbie. I mean a complete newbie.

I purchased a theme and somebody installed it for me. It looks like the demo and I can see how to personalize the site, which is fine. But there are some things that no matter where I look there is no place to edit them.

For example, all the elements on the home page (photo, testimonials, etc etc etc I can change out, but I cannot change t
Is there something else that I have to install other than what I already have, to do the editing?
I am generally pretty intelligent but I am not feeling that way now…

If it helps, this is the theme:

when you look at the demo, it says, We are kimiko… and the text changes 3 times. I can change the images but not that text.

What is wrong with me???
Hope I don’t look too dumb here.

When you downloaded your purchased theme, you must have a documentation file there. You should follow that documentation or feel free to contact the author of that item. Otherwise, hire a freelancer from Envato Studio to get your work done quickly. Cheers. :slight_smile: