New WP theme for local news website

We run a website for our local town called A Little Bit of Stone - feel free to google or add .com to the end.

Since 2015 we’ve been running on the Jarida theme from TieLabs -

There’s a few issues for us with the theme:

  1. The poor implementation of the 2 level menus when in mobile (responsive) modes (since we launched this theme mobile accounts for the majority of our traffic)
  2. The advertisement blocks that we utilise get pushed down the page which isn’t very advertiser friendly
  3. As a local news website we need to include an events diary, which we do via a plugin, a job section which is again another plugin and finally a business directory which is a third plugin.
    These different plugins cause issues around user logins and roles and obviously need separate updates.

We’re therefore looking for a new theme to use from 2018 that helps to address these short comings.

Any recommendations on themes that out of the box will be more aligned to what we need or any theme developers who’d like to incorporate some of those features in their themes?

Any other ideas?


Why you don’t use their Sahifa template? I have made several sites with that template and it is very good for newspaper.

Also as I can see your site have malware and it is on blacklists. You can see here more

Thanks for that, I’ve asked Sucuri to confirm as the error may be related to a hosting misconfiguration error and not malware as it’s reporting.

With regards to using Sahifa that only addresses the short coming in the responsive template and not the plugin issues

I have see that you have and plenty fake comments on site. Do you have some
admin who is watching site and approve users?
If you change template you will need clone site on some test server make
all changes and migrate all on live domain. In that case you will have
always live domain up.

Hi there,

We’re battling with spam at the moment and looking for a new anti spam plugin, we’re using antispam bee at the moment.

We don’t approve users as we have people sign up 24/7 and it would be detrimental to delay the user creation.

This would be our 4th migration, if you look on something like wayback archive so we’re quite versed in our host moving the live site to a subdomain for us to get it all up and running ahead of doing a migration into production :slight_smile:

You will need to install and SSL certificate to improve security of your site. There is better plugins for anti spam protection.
My advice is to use wide design not boxed because you will use more space for ads and other things.
If you need my help about site I can give you my offer. You can see on my profile and my site with portfolio.

I’d love to hear your offer

You can contact me over private message.