New WordPress requirements? "Theme Sniffer raises issues"

This is what I got from the reviewer for the theme I have submitted. Anyone got the same or am I the first (unique) one on this subject?

Theme Sniffer raises issues:
To replicate please go to and install the plugin

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Hi @ki-themes

Install Theme Sniffer plugin and check your theme with it. All required issues (marked in red color) listed by this plugin needs to be fixed. It is one of the best plugin to check your theme.

We can help you if you need further help.



Never heard that :slight_smile:

I got same rejection today from my 14th soft rejection. Please, Help me too.

I got same rejection today from my 14th soft rejection. I will let you know if I needed help to fix those issues. Please, Help me too. :wave:t2:

Ok thanks

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Yes! We also get this message on one theme from the reviewer!

:expressionless: :expressionless: So now they are using other automated scripts and only Copy Pastes the results.

Is this is joke Envato?

Sad that nobody from Envato’s staff doesn’t read these forums. We think Envato WP Requirements should be updated as soon as a new tool gets used by the reviewers.

Think about this: The reviewer (There is only one that uses this tool) will soft reject any theme from now, because that plugin generates some crazy problems.

Hope someone will see this.

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I don’t need help, thanks for offer. The point was, If I knew it before, I would’ve checked before uploading the theme so I wouldn’t lose 3,5 day to get a rejection message for that and another 3,5 day to review again ( In total, for me it’s a waste of a week - just to wait )

@matthewcoxy, @scottwills, @KingDog Possible to update the terms so the authors would save some time - considering the reviewing process is already long enough

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Theme Sniffer not even working on my local host :frowning:

Seems that nobody from Envato’s Staff doesn’t care about the infinite number of soft rejections because of reasons like this one.

Hope this time someone will give an official reply here.

There’s a note, scroll down the page and download the zip file instead from the link. Git ZIP not working for some reason

Not asking too much, just a quick update for the requirement page - would save time for all of us

Download Theme sniffer plugin and start testing on your theme. [Fix Errors and Warnings are things that need to be checked manually.]

May be this is very helpful for you all.