New WordPress Envato Verifier

Hello guys,

today I want to share a new plugin for WordPress with you.
I developed an upgraded version of the knowen Aqua Verifier, which isn’t up-to-date actually.
The new version I developed, comes with:

  • the latest Envato Api support

  • an option to upgrade directly everything from the aqua verifier database

  • an option to show a badge if user is supported or not

and many more features to make your life easier. If you want to see a full feature list and be able to download the plugin, check the GitHub page. Link is below.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, feel free to share them with me here or on the GitHub page.

Hope you enjoy it like I do :smiley:


looks interesting. will check up. Thank you.

No problem. Just give a feedback if something is not working :smile: