New webshop with up to 250 colors for a single product!

Hi All,

Hope you are well! I’m starting a new webshop in which we will sell interior design products that will be available in up to 256 different colors. I will be using WordPress in combiantion with Woocommerce and am looking for an elegant but effective way to display the colors available.

I would like the frontpage to display the individual products, no problem there obviously. If a visitor clicks on a product, I would like the product page to open from which they can then select the size of the product and choose from “pallet” or a “matrix” so to speak with all the different colors in small thumbnails. If they click on a color, it would be best if a bigger “selection box” shows which color is currently selected. And off course, the price will also have to be displayed, based on the color they choose. There will be about 3 prize catagories for colors, for instance all 150 RAL numbers will cost the same.

Does anyone know of a Theme or a Plugin that can do this job?

Thank you in advance and I’m looking forward to any suggestions!

Best regards,

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