New user not able to open downloaded audiojungle file.

Something about “This utility requires that MSIZAP.EXE version 2 or greater reside in the same folder.”

The AudioJungle files are just regular zip-files and shouldn’t require any third party software other than a program to unzip the file. Which is included in most operating systems these days. Sounds very suspicious.

Have you tried opening the file in an unzip program such as Winzip, 7zip or similar? It should just be a zip-file containing a wav/mp3 and perhaps a pdf/txt with a thank you note.

I would recommend contacting support by opening a support ticket if you can’t solve the issue

Thanks. Is there a free program to unzip files?

7-Zip is a free unzip program

Thank you. Downloading now.

Thank you again. Problem solved. It opens as a .wav file.

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