New User – After Payment Envato Account is Locked

I’m a new user. Through the google search link to, I purchased affiliate PHP script and after keying in my credit card details and clicked on Make Payment, I received the error “Sorry, it looks like you’re current locked out of your account. Hope someone can help me as I need to use the plugin urgently. Thank you.

There’s noone at the forum who’s able to help you, you need to create a ticket.

i’m already ticket request but not reply.

It may take 3-5 working days.

I have been facing the same issue for over 1 week now. I have sent many tickets but all have not been replied. Hopefully someone from Envato can assist us.

I really need to access my account urgently.

Thank you.

If you sent multiple tickets, that would also cause delays.

I understand but there has been no response for more than a week. I will wait for a reply.

I’m aware of the support is slow ( It has been always slow ) but there’s not much things to do.
If you’re on a country that there may be some restrictions ( blacklisted ) and/or if the credit card is marked not safe, this could be the reason why you’re locked right away.