New trend of disabiling items for no reason

This is happened twice to me in the past few months. Ive been selling on codecanyon over 10 years, only to get an email that one of my items was disabled due to the following:

"Hi, my name is Jessica Arvizu, from the Quality Team here at Envato. We’ve recently started a review of the items that are already being sold in the market, and one of our goals is to have the best quality items in EnvatoMarket. This being said, we’ve found some critical issues with your item, and we’d like you to solve these issues immediately to enable your item again:

  1. Data must be correctly escaped and sanitized. Look at your _POST and _GET data.
  2. No inline CSS. All CSS must be separated into an external stylesheet.
  3. You’re bundling old versions of libraries. Please update all your libraries to their latest version.
  4. Remove all commented/unused code from all files.

I have resubmitted item yesterday with explanation, and still no response.

  1. All my data is properly filtered, and using prepared statements with Pdo. I have never had any security issues.

2.There is no whatsoever inline css in this script. If you go based on that, then all of the themes should be disabled on themeforest, as well as any page or slider builder. Sometimes inline css is the only option.

3.All of my libraries are up to date. Since there are dependencies, you cant always have the latest in libraries because not every developer works at the same speed.
4. There are no unused comments at all.

As you can see it seems like a generic copy/paste reason for rejection. It does not specify what the actual problem is, instead just naming random things.

This approach is not fair at all. We are loosing sales. Instead why doesn’t reviewer say specifically where the issue is, instead of just listing reasons.

I would appreciate an answer from someone from Envato

This is very bad… they should write an email asking for what has to be fixed and leave the item active since it sold well for years and updated in time …

Common guys work with us here, we are not the enemy!!!

It is frustrating indeed, but you need to take a look from the Envato’s point of view. The point of this whole operation is to remove outdated items, and it is simply much more easier to soft disable all items which appears outdated than to issues warnings first, that would be much harder to manage (and yes, it is a looooong overdue on the Envato’s part). So while it is unfair to us authors, it is the quickest way to remove outdated items. Just fix all the issues (or just politely explain that none of those issues are found in your item if it is the case) and resubmit. You will only benefit from it in the long run - less and better items means more sales for us all. Again, not the best approach to do it from the author’s point of view, but I see the reasoning behind it.

Isn’t it necessary to contact the author first for the cancellation of outdated products? I renewed my product on March 1st, adding new features and upgrading to php 7. It was disabled on March 3.

I can understand the products that have not been updated for 4-5 years, but how can this be 2 days after the new update?