New Track - Need You Help

Hello everyone ,
I am a new user, I would like to upload a first track.
You can help me and tell me if there are things that need improvement or change before I upload and wait two weeks for approval or rejection.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @PurpleHazeMusic!
Beautiful and a little sad. The strings entered too unexpectedly, in my opinion, and I was expecting more culmination perhaps even with the addition of epic drums. From 1:47 the culmination comes too late (I would have done it earlier at 0:37) (I want to note that your drums are too dim in my opinion (in the lower middle (“no body”)). Try also to give life to your tracks, to diversify it with additional small strokes, for example, bassoon, trumpet, cello or background epic vocals.

I would not accept it (intuitively). Rejection.

Hope this helps!
Good luck!

Thank you so much for the response. I’ll listen to it again and try to relate to your comments.

You have been very helpful.

I fixed it a bit.
I tried to relate to your comments.
Hope this is better this time.


No, not better, you did not read carefully what I was trying to convey to you. Make legato strings from 0:17(or 0:00), along with light drums (which prepare the listener) and from 0:37 I would introduce “meat”. Glue and push your drums. Make a powerful start, and the culmination (from 0:37). My opinion. Try to complicate your track with additional tools at the beginning to create an impression, and not pull the rubber until 1:47 (because the buyer listens no more than the first 20 seconds). And you should try INTRO as soon as possible, translate into “MEAT”.

Good luck!

ok. thanks again.