New to Audiojungle. Need Feedback. Second hard-reject in a row.

Epic Cinematic Logo

This is my second try to upload an orchestra logo on audiojungle. I tried to keep it as simple as possible for my standards but still got rejected. It seems like “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. If anyone got a tip on how to make it work or why it was rejected in the first place, I would much appreciate it.


I think too midi sound…

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thanks for the reply. So you mean it needs to sound more realistic in terms of dynamics and colour?
i see the point but thats confusing in a way because i use miroslav, which is quite realistic. Could it be maybe that the standards for the orchestra production and mix are high on these site?

You should work on automatisation, velosity and humanisation. And maybe more reverb
Make it more realistic


Hi friend! First of all: I’m using GoogleTranslate …
I think the composition is very, very, very good! Congratulations!
I agree with PrestoSound that the problem here is the sound because of the lack of automation.
Miroslav is a relatively good audio library, I think there is no need to change bookstores. But, even the best library can sound false if you do not work in automation (expression, modulation, speed, etc.).
I recommend you look at some tutorials of the style “How to create a realistic orchestra”.
I’m sure you will not need much time for your compositions to sound realistic and approved here.

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Now you have: a lot of notes, but poor quality samples/sounds.
Commercial stock music needs: few notes, high quality samples, distinct mood.
It is necessary to mute the composer in himself, and revive the sound designer :grinning:.

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Awesome tips. Thanks for clearing that out and for replying :slight_smile:

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