New To Audio Jungle - Got 3 Questions

Can’t believe I somehow stumbled on this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to get started!

However I have 3 probably obvious questions:

I see a ton of packs being sold at around $15 dollars - does that include the buyer’s fee or is that the price I set?

The pack has different melodies (8-10), does the “main length” refer to them combined? Because that’s what I included.

When it comes to music/broadcast license isn’t that kinda like a recurring payment more than a 1 time payment generally that requires ASCAP or is this different?


  1. It includes buyer fee and author fee. Buyer fee is fixed, author fee depends on exclusivity and and total earnings.

Fixed Buyer Fees for AudioJungle

  1. The “main length” refers to alll the tracks and versions combined.

  2. Theoretically, you could get some PRO royalties from broadcast uses, but Envato can’t and won’t help you with that in any way. You don’t need to be signed with PRO (ASCAP, BMI, etc.) to sell Broadcast Licenses.


Thank you so much for the clarification!