New theme uploaded

Howdy all

We just submitted our new theme, any feedback would be awesome.

Link is here:

Let us know what you think.



Unfortunately I do not think you are there just yet.

  • Slider thumbnails are heavily pixelated

  • Some of the type on the slider and the Woo icon etc. does not really work

  • Typography generally needs work esp in some areas like ‘Key features’ (plus icon missing), “What we do”, some of the titles and sub title copy

  • Shop items, additional info, reviews etc tab don;t really work

Generally the design needs tidying up and modernising a bit

Thanks Charlie
Will be fixing those issues.



Anyone else have any ideas or suggestions, it would be awesome.


OK here is what we got from the review on TF.

Soft Rejected

Sorry to say, but this theme is not yet ready to be included in WordPress category. 1. Design elements are not consistent, theme uses more than one. Helpful link: 2. Design is not aesthetically pleasing. More info: 3. Usability is pretty poor. More info: 4. Theme seems unfinished too.


OK can maybe someone shed some lights on the 1. design elements because i do not understand what they mean.

  1. the design is not aesthetically pleasing. Whats wrong with it???

  2. usability is very poor??

  3. theme seems unfinished too?

Man i mean the reviewers choice of answers are more vague every time. Its like ok i am gonna eat my hat you got sauce with that I mean what kind of answer is that?

Can anyone please maybe translate these point made by the reviewer.



Come on Charlie where are you when we need you, hehe.
If you are around would you be kind enough to give me some pointers on what the reviewer said.


The answers are a little vague but it is one of the generic rejections. I appreciate these can be frustrating but there is method and justification behind them (I actually don’t think some of these apply to someone who will have been here as long as you have but still helps clear it up a little Why no feedbacks ?).

The site:

  • Still not a fan of the slider copy etc. generally especially that multicolored script font and Woo icon

  • The typography needs work throughout. You have some good concepts which are let down by this e.g.

  • On the home page the CTA under the slider is dragged down by the type fonts

  • The hover images copy on hover looks good but the titles again look weak

  • More than anything here the tabbed section - its a good idea but the copy doe snot have enough padding on either side, is a bit small and does not really look great

  • The section titles have the big space below them above the line which needs to be smaller

  • What we do has too much Caps and the more button feels too brash

  • Hierarchy on team member copy is unusual with the titles almost smaller than copy (which is in lower case unlike the Caps in other sections) yet here it is better organised?

  • PT Sans Narrow is an outdated font

  • There is a lot of empty space in your mega menu that could do with tightening up

  • Titles like Service 1 feel too small and completely lost in hero image

  • weird big spacing around first section? not visible

There are a few bits and pieces that need fixing but your core issue is:

This multi purpose market is super crowded and its harder and harder and harder to stand out so anything that you produce needs to be spot on.
The core features are there (check your validation), and what you need to focus on is attention todetail and refinement of the site more than anything

Thank you Charlie

Hey Charlie thanks so much for the awesome feedback. This is the one thing i really do not understand. 1. Design elements are not consistent, theme uses more than one. I do not understand the theme uses more than one looks the sentence is not finished to me. More then one what???

The other points i understand the only other thing that is not really clear is the usability is poor. Not getting this usability in what or how.

I mean the whole review is not really saying what is wrong with the theme or maybe its a personal preference but i try to stay somewhat original and i do not want to copy other authors styles here so if something is different then its not good but it cannot be the same as others work. I dunno brother but i will try to get this up to par cheers and thanks for all your feedback. You should be a reviewer hehe.



You have some serious problems.
Problems with design and tipography .
You have some bugs with animations transitions.
You have too many “empty spaces”.

Ha ha!

Probably refers to multiple variations on the same elements e.g. the team members - one the home page and then on the team members page the layouts, styling e.g. caps/not caps/font sizes etc are all different.

It is one thing to have multiple ‘options’ but when they become quite inconsistent then it appears unusual.

You’ve got some tidying to do in the code but after that I would imagine it is really just styling more than complete overhauls

Thanks Charlie, yeah i wanted to do different things so people can see what they can do with the theme instead of having everything the same. Gonna do some cleaning and thanks again for your awesome feedback.



Hey Charlie would you have a look at the theme i changed many things still working on a few more things.

Let me know what you do not like.



It is definitely an improvement of where you were.

Hey Charlie

If you around could you have a look at my theme i did another post i could not find the old one. but here is the new post.

Thanks again.


Sure give me a sec - just finishing another one! :wink:

EDIT: Removed

Hey all got the 4th soft rejection.

Any ideas or feedback would be great.

This is what the reviewer said:

Soft Rejected

Sorry but your theme still does not meet the minimum quality requirements to be accepted into the WordPress category. Please concentrate on improving typography, layout, and general styling as these are key factors in gaining approval into the marketplace.

Link to theme:



Bumping this to see if anyone has any new ideas.


Cheers Lester