New Theme Idea for current website

I have a website that is and I am looking for a new theme to replace the current. I want something that of course has ads on the side but has a better look and feel to it. I have seen mag themes and I am reaching out to the community.

I want more bang for the buck and I want it to look amazing and not so plan Anyone had any thing?


Can you please explain purpose of your site except live cam and see how as wether on that place. That I can find on any weather application.

This website is all about surfing and the weather, and local ads the owner likes to add articles and other different thing, I think like BOOM would be nice but I need to have those elements to make it work correctly.

If is this my site frist thing what I would make is turn of sound. My suggestion is to use wide design not boxed. You are spend left and right space and you can put ads.
Now when you open home page you can see just ads and 2 video and camera. 90% of people will leave site.
You cant find any relevant informations. If you want that camera and weather you can put on one page or weather on sidebar.
You can put and shop with affiliate code for surfing equipment. Your template , wordpress and plugins are outdated and that is big security issue.