New Support System For Envato Authors

Hi Everyone

Would like to share with everyone our latest creation.

We got sick of downtime on Ticksy and so decided to develop our own ticket system using WordPress.

It comes with built in support for Envato authors

  • Purchase Verification
  • Envato User Login

Plus all the things you expect from a support ticket system

  • Email Notifications
  • Ticket Assignment
  • Private Ticket
  • And more

As well as an added bonus Slack integration. So you can get notifications in Slack when you get support requests!

Also because this is a WordPress plugin you are in control of it so that means Unlimited Users you only need to buy the plugin once and thats it!

We are themeforest authors so we have built this knowing what is needed to support customers.

We are also using it ourselves now!

Oh and did I mention its built with angular 4 and is super fast?

Please take a look and let us know any feedback / feature requests that you would like to see in the plugin.

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thanks for it,
today also ticksy down and its really PITA.

can i see any demo of it,
i would like to see admin demo and see how good it is for me.

one more thing…i prefer telegram, hipchat over slack.

do you have any plans for API? or can i use it along with wp-json ?

i don’t have much knowledge with wp but if you can provide API…i can make it work with hipchat, telegram etc.

Also do you have feature like category creation based on envato products? like in ticksy?

Yes that feature is available, you can create a product and then link it to your Envato product

You can try the demo here login with user: demo - pass: demo

yes, i can see.

but i want to see admin side,
as an admin creating categories, adding users etc.

atleast screenshots also fine for me.

The admin side uses WordPress users so creating users is done with the regular WordPress Users -> Add users

But for customers they can register using the frontend register page or they can log in with their Envato account.

You can see screenshots in the online documentation see the sections on creating agents, creating products and linking them to Envato

Let me know if you need any more info

Man… thats an awesome documentation.
its an eye opener for me… i should create such documentation for all my products…

its 100% convincing to me to purchase.

i am just reading this and your documentation is really convincing to me to buy it (eventhough its not a sass app).

Thanks jyostna :slight_smile:

make it without wordpress and ill be interested honestly i do not use wordpress.

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Sorry BoomCoding its WordPress only

Hi, demo doesn’t work for me - I clicked “create new ticket” and got empty grey screen. There are errors in browser’s js console. Please check.

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Hi @RomanCode - I just made a ticket in the demo and it worked ok for me.

Which browser and OS are you using? And if possible what errors did you see?


Interesting but please make PHP script without WordPress

Ditto, a stand-alone version would be nice.

@oxygenna - demo didn’t work for me when I was opening it from CodeCanyon by clicking on “live preview” - there’s Iframe and I think there were some issues caused by that. I tried to remove Envato’s toolbar by clicking on “X remove frame” and demo started to work as it should. After first successful load - even if I open the demo now by clicking on “Live preview” - it works. Safari@OSX.

Fantastic work, looks very good. Is it possible to change order of messages to more “traditional” way? I prefer new messages at bottom.

Tracking this topic as I’m interested.

FYI @RomanCode @oxygenna You can get rid of that bar by adding the following JavaScript snippet to the <head> section of your webpage.

if (top.location != location) {
    top.location.href = document.location.href;


We have developed a ticketing system for Envato authors.

Auxilium support desk is designed to work seamlessly with Envato APIs to facilitate Purchase Code verification with minimum effort. By using it you can make sure that your support staff will provide support to legitimate customers with valid support eligibility. Purchase Code provided by your customer will be automatically validated. They will get an appropriate error if there is a problem validating the purchase code or their support period was expired.

This is system is totally self-hosted and you can modify it as per your own requirements.

You can take a glimpse of Envato related functionalities from below url.

For now, We have just launched this system in code-canyon only for 40$ for the first 10 buyers.

You can find more information on code-canyon.

Currently, our partner Perfectus Inc ( is using this system

If you have any question, Feel free to Ask.

Team Auxilium.