New support measures for our Ukrainian Author community

Thank you very much!:ukraine:

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Thank you very much for you support!

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Hello. I did not receive anything in the mail and did not receive money. @BenLeong


I think that all this happens in several stages. I like you, did not receive anything my mail.

I want to thank a lot our Australian and international friends from Envato team. You are doing good work to support Ukrainians! We are grateful for this support!


А как они поддерживают украинцев расскажи ка мне скорее?

В шапке же все написано. Ты не получил деньги?

Всем привет!
Ребят, я не могу понять как добавить значки, отписано 0/6 и я их не вижу, может у форума свои правила, чёт я не понимаю.

Пару слов о шапке темы, «должно поступить сообщение» и.т.д а если оно не поступило или я его удалил из-за невнимательности…

Поддержка крайне медленно отвечает, помогите пожалуйста!)

It is sad. We hope that the situation will be stable and that there will be peace for all


Be patient, everybody!
Just keep in mind, that to deliver that help, Envato stuff has to do a great amount of work.

Everyone will receive their promised help :+1:

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I was thinking if it would be possible to create a bundle with projects from all Envato marketplaces, and all earnings from it to go to our fellow Ukrainian authors. We’re willing to include our best projects in it. We’re actually working on more news openings regarding the war in Ukraine and we’d like to include those as well as soon they are approved.
Love to Ukraine :heart::pray::ukraine:


I’m very sorry. You are right, it was inappropriate. I truly apologise :heart::ukraine:

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Я дуже сподіваюся що ти вібрався з міста, що ти живий та в безпеці. Якщо ми можемо чимось допомоти - пиши, будь ласка!


Good day! Please tell me, it was not possible to enter your personal account to change the paypal address, I traveled between cities to get help, there was no access to the Internet … I managed to change it only today. Will there be repeated shipments for Ukrainians, this money would help a lot now.

Thanks in advance for your reply!

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Hi all. We tried re-sending all failed Relief Grant payments yesterday, with similar results - some have successfully gone through, but many PayPal transactions failed.

We’ll continue trying to get these payments through to all affected authors. Any payments that have been rejected in both previous attempts will now be added to your regular Author Earnings for Market or Elements, and we’ll process these as part of the next monthly payment run.

All payout details are locked in on the 1st of the month - if anyone needs to update their payment method, please make sure you do this before May 1st so you can be paid as normal on May 15th (Market) or 16th (Elements).

Due to the high number of failed PayPal transactions in the last two batches, please check the following:

  • Your account must be verified with PayPal to receive payments
  • Your PayPal account must not be registered to an address in Russia
  • Your bank account must not be a Russian bank, or linked to a Russian bank (i.e. a subsidiary)

thank you very much for your support

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Thank you very much for your support in these difficult times.

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And where is this help itself, everyone is just talking about it, politicians are promoting themselves, but the humanitarian aid itself is in a small portion for two weeks, not everyone can get it!