New Support API


Can anyone direct me where can i find new API for forum support?
i have our own support forum, i will need to match new envato support API with our forum script code.

Thank you


There’s a new API? I’m curious as well!


Hey @jegtheme - check back after 1st September. That is when the new API information will be available.

There will just be additional information returned along with the existing verify-purchase and /buyer/sales endpoints. This information will have things like the support expiry date and the amount of money it costs to extend the support package.


hi @dtbacker, unfortunately on old api support until is not available.
also on new API. i unable to create or register new apps.
when i try to access or register new apps its just loading. i don’t know what is wrong.
here is the URL :


yes same here want one to for my site Josh INC ,