New submissions rejections on quality - opinions appreciated

Hi All,
New to AudioJungle, but not to music :slight_smile:
Submitted 5 tracks but they’re all rolling in with quality rejections.
Any feedback would be most welcome because I’m at a loss for what direction to go in to change to get accepted! Obviously ‘quality’ could mean actual recording quality and mastering, quality of composition, or quality of some guy reckoning the track will sell or not! The generic response implies it isn’t good enough, rather than doesn’t fit a niche, so I won’t be offended by blunt feedback any more than the rejection wording :slight_smile:

Two tracks that I thought would make it:

All feedback welcome, thanks again!

Be Inspired - nice track, you definitely have music education :wink:
Snare - it’s first that I would change. Look for more natural sound. And drums in general. More space and delay feedback to guitar. In general for me this that is to sweet and little dated.
Distant Anticipation. Drums - a same, too dated sound. I would concentrate for more live instruments and also look for modern vst libraries. I have feeling that you use something old.
Good music, nice musical thought.
Conclusion - dated sound. That’s what I’m hear.
Good luck with approves!

Thanks for taking the time for your review GoodMusicMood. I’ll take the dated drum sounds comment on board - I guess that’s up there with the ‘too midi sounding’ critiques that seem to be consistent in rejected tracks comments. I think I’ll pay more attention to those flags. I put real guitar and backing voices on both of those tracks but again suppose that you can’t put too much organic into these things!

Cheers again, appreciate the input :slight_smile:

I‘m often times surprised by what is accepted and what‘s declined, too. I have less than a 50% approval rate myself. So take this with a pinch of salt.

But I think AJ usually aren‘t looking for the style of music currently being used on YouTube already. A while ago, i remember reading they had stopped accepting dub step compositions, for example. Commercially viable on the YTs, but there was just too much available at the time.

In your case, I think the drums/percussion may take too long before you get to the point. And once it gets going, it may be too busy for voice-over.

Just guessing here, may be completely wrong about that.

Thanks FiveMinnuteHippo - appreciate you taking the time with your thoughts too :slight_smile:
I guess knowing that’s it’s all a bit of a lottery with everyone else too helps with approvals and guessing what they did/didn’t like! I’ll keep batting for now…

I am also new to Audiojungle, and have also uploaded tracks that have been rejected because of the quality, I do not know what quality audio jungle imagines. Your music has also been mixed well. Good work .

Thank you BeatzBoys. I thought I mixed them well - but that generic rejection throws self doubt in all directions!

I do accept that I’m limited by my available sounds, as everyone must be to an extent (taking on board the dated comments - though they were more preference choices really!) but I didn’t suspect to the quality standards of AJ, being a music library, and assuming there’s a place for most things :wink: But maybe they just want more Ukulele and Epic Trailers :0

I was looking at updating my VST palette following these rejections and reckon I could either go more modern with something like Nexus or maybe more real with orchestral VSTs and utilise more my composing and arranging skills (both with budget). I think I’m going to try a few more natural tracks on my next round of submissions and see where that gets me.

My conclusion is that quality isn’t the mixing and mastering but artistic choice - BUT if there’s anyone listening who thinks otherwise, I’d be more than happy to receive constructive criticism on the production.

Well… the last one of my 5 was accepted, yey!
And I suspected it would be - stripped down and non-disruptive :slight_smile:
Thought I’d share that here so you guys could see what was accepted against what wasn’t!