New Student account but cant download anything

I just signed up for the monthly subscription, verified my student email, charged me, but nothing is downloadable. It tries to charge me for everything. Im confused, as it didnt send any login info to me SNHU addy.

Remember the subscription is for and not for all the main marketplaces like Themeforest or Graphicriver

So I cant download themes for wordpress? How to get a refund

There’s still lots of WP themes you just don’t get support or updates like you do with the full versions from themeforest.

If you still want a refund then do not download anything in the meantime and reach out to support Envato Elements Help and Support

It tells me to subscribe to download from that page as well.

Are you signed in?

make sure you signed in (loggedin) using your student account login crdentials into envato elements and you will get options to download the ’ Christmas Snow for WordPress and WooCommerce’ theme from envato elements. Thanks

Signed in, have been. Not working. Contacted tech support, still no answer. id love a refund, needed there themes a couple days ago, now not so much. glad i didnt pay full price for the theme i wanted, as tech support to this site seems non existent.

as there was no email with any login credentials for my snhu account, and trying to recover any username for that email gives me nothing, not sure what credentials i would use. and no tech support help is frustrating, like throwing money at a scam site…


Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


As I said, no tech support help at all. As of now, my email to them is yet to be answered…

And yet another day goes by…

good god man, is there ANY other way to get a hold of someone? 6 days now no contact from the “help center” at this point, ive already found another site with some great themes ive downloaded. just refund my damn money. what a waste of time coming here everyday to see if ANYONE has any idea. would have been quicker to dispute the damn charge at this point.