New Song Idea

Hey, guys!
I started a new song and I wanted to hear your opinion.

Do you think she deserves to be continued?
On the mix side was worked very little! (Sorry for my English)
All the best!


Your track sounds very poor, and that because of the bad quality of your Vsts and samples.
I recommend you to listen to the top authors here, or to the hip-hop category to have an idea about the quality that AudioJungle want
Try to find better samples and Vsts
I wish you good luck

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Absolutely! I love it! Great rhythm, melody and groove! Make it happen!

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The idea is good enough but the sounds/production is not near the quality needed for an acceptance I don’t think, becomes very obvious when you compare it to the current hip hop stuff on AJ. Also the fade out is a big no for stock music generally! good luck!

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Thank you for your sincere opinions.

I appreciate your interest, I’ll continue the play, and I hope I can make improvements.
All the best!

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Being myself producing “hiphop” ish tracks here, yes, I can say you have really to improve the sounds first, and work on the mixing (on headphones it is quite agressive).

Also, I don’t think it is a good idea to post “work in progress” here, and say “it is just a rough idea, no mixing, no mastering, what do you think?”

This is just my opinion, though :slight_smile:

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