new sites

Ok so if you could please assist me,

how do i take the theme (kanni) that was purchased and load it onto a web site so that i can start working on it. If for instance i have some registered domains and also use web site builders like go daddy to build websites can i incorporate them?

Jeff Abelman

With respect I think you will need to hire help.

As per above it’s not possible to give people free setup/help in the forums as it’s not fair to everyone else who needs it.

That aside, with respect, if all this doesn’t make sense to you, then it’s almost certain that you will need someone to do everything to get you setup, and even then, while WP is relatively easy to use, there is some level of assumed knowledge, and it sounds like you are only going to find yourself need more help with the editing etc.

You can try asking the author to see if they will help, but they are not obligated to and besides you will have to have the basic WP setup in place before you can do anything (you just need a domain and connected hosting and then install WordPress there - all suppliers like GoDaddy have this in the admin).

You will save yourself a huge amount of stress and time to just hire someone from to do it all for you.