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hi guys im new to envato i have a security company that i would like to build a site for, i saw a great platform or theme called kani, has anyone used it yet>?
and then the 59$ purchase for the site is this for the site only if i want to do woo commerce do i purchase the plug in for that as an extra or does kanni include woo commerce


yes woocommerce has included with the theme. Also woocommerce is free open source plugin.
If you like the theme then you can purchase from here:


I have already purchased the kanni theme for $60 and now when i want to start editing it ,it won’t allow me to download, the files download but then do not open

Please assist me so we can commence with our website build

Jeff Abelman


Please go to your Downloads page there you will see a list of all your purchased item(s). and download from there.


What do you mean by “do not open”? Which files specifically don’t open?

While you can edit the php or other files, it would be easier to install the theme and then you can edit things without needing to edit code

Is there an additional charge to install theme after the $60 already paid

Jeff Abelman

Only if you have to hire someone to do it for you

I assume you have your domain, hosting etc with WordPress installed?

Yes i am doing it myself i have down loaded all files but still doesnt open on the kanni theme for me to edit

Have you installed the theme either on your website or locally?

I havent installed the theme as its asking me for an additional $50

There is no charge for you to download and install the theme on WordPress on your own domain.

(assuming that you have WordPress setup on your domain/hosting then check this: You can install it yourself either via the WP admin or FTP.

The charge is only if you are not familiar with this process and require a freelancer to do it for you.

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Excuse me for coming across so dumb but the theme doesnt give me an option to add it. Does the word press auto download once i have downloaded all files? That link takes me to another page of elements.

All i am trying to do is go onto the kinna page/ platform that was purchased so i can edit it and change it to our own details

It’s really hard to advise without being able to see what you are seeing.

To confirm this is the theme you bought?

When you download the theme you will still see all the various source codes but these will not look like the demo you saw before.

You have to have WordPress installed on your website e.g. to be able to use the theme. That is where you woudl look to install it

Do i need to install the theme for another 50$ to get going

After i have purchased it

Yes rather difficult .

im right at the beginning brand new purchase, is it possible to do a team.viewer or skype just for some assistance to get going .

Unfortunately, we can’t do that as it wouldn’t be fair for everyone else who gets stuck, unless we were able to help everyone which is not feasible.

Before making any other suggestions - just to be clear:

  1. you bought this item?

  2. you have a website e.g.

  3. on your website WordPress CMS is installed and active?

  4. you have been to your downloads page (assuming you are signed in)?

  5. you have downloaded the ‘Installable WordPress Files Only’ option?

1.Yes i have bought the item

2.I have not registered a web site yet ( that is what im trying to build first)

3.How do i see if cms wordpress is installed already?

4.I have been to my down loads page and downloaded wordpress files but cannot see it or access anywhere after downloads my page still looks like this still

If you click “download” button to the right of the item title on your page then there will be options including “installable…”

You have to have a website set up, and WordPress installed there to be able to edit/use the the theme to add content etc.

(unless you want to edit it all locally e.g. on your computer before uploading to a live website, BUT this is a completely different and more complicated process).

When you day have to have a website do u mesn an existing website

Jeff Abelman

What you have bought is a WP THEME which will help determine the look, styling and features of a WP site.

The purchase will also include demo content that makes the WP site look like the demo on themeforest

The point is that WP is the content management system that needs to first be installed on either a working website, or at least a local (offline but working on your computer) set up, for the the theme and demo content to be applied