New silly Theme Review issue - "Logo OR site title, we don't need both"


We recently submit a theme with the logo like below

And we got a review issue “Logo OR site title, we don’t need both”. At first we don’t understand why he wants. After carefully review, we still don’t understand at all.

Our theme is “Decoup”. And the logo has the text “Decoup” inside. Is it the point? Do we have to change to a different logo with only graphics?

Does anyone know about this review point?

Thanks a lot

I think I got it.

It’s because below the logo, there is a heading that is using Site Title as default text. (in the screenshot, it is “Envato Review”).

So Site Title and Logo should not appear in a same page… It’s weird, because I think it is user choice.

But anyway, that’s the solution: change default text to something else, like “Blog”. We even add an option to change that text

Thanks for reading

That’s quite normal. I have been asked to change the slogan in my latest theme :slight_smile:

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