New Shopping Cart Features for Authors and Affiliates

Hi all,

We’ve released a few new features for the shopping cart on Envato Market:

First up is Add All Items to Cart on Collections.

You can now create collections of items and buyers will be able to add them to their cart with a single click.

The second new feature is Add items to Cart by URL

We know that many authors and affiliates like to market items with a link to purchase so we’re adding an official way of doing this that will add items to a shopping cart. All you need is your item ID and you can even bundle items together using multiple IDs.

The URL structure to do this is the following with the item IDs added to the end:

So for example this link will add two items to the cart, one from ThemeForest and another from CodeCanyon:

Sending buyers to the Cart allows them to review the default licenses used and also purchase additional support if available before heading to the Checkout.

For our affiliates:

Follow these steps to create your affiliate link in Impact Radius.

We hope you’ll find these new features valuable and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Very useful! Thanks for the update.

Awesome :slight_smile:

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Greet. Thank you for sharing

This is a great feature, we where using another link system until now, and now we are changing the links to this official way.


On one of our admin themes we have two links, one for Regular license, and the other for External license. We implemented the new link that you just introduced on the Regular license area, but for the Extended license we don’t know how to use the new link and we are using the old method.

We just wanted to ask @lukemeehan, if we can set the link to buy Extended license instead of Regular license with this official method now? Have you thought about it?

That’s great to hear @Laborator :smiley:

We were trying to keep the URL simple so we went with just the default license, but interesting to hear you link to Extended as well. We’ll have a think about how we could support this as well with all of the different marketplace licenses.

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Cool features…

It would be great :slight_smile:

Awesome! Seems some elite authors already cracked this before the announcement :slight_smile:

@lukemeehan Currently we are using license=regular&open_purchase_for_item_id=13841323&purchasable=source
URL, in which Is there any option to choose Support Period as well? For example, we wanted to select “12 months” as default.

Can you implement that?


Cool features…