New seller, need help

HI GUY I have a problem that every product I want to sell to Envato is not accepted without mentioning the reason and I don’t know why SO INEED TO KNOW WHAT IS THAT PROBLEM

You would need to share a demo or example of you want feedback

you mean i put my preview video

what thing you want me to share

An example of what you submitted / if it’s a website then a link, if it’s a video then a preview video etc

In the wrong person to try and advise on video projects but to an untrained eye it looks a bit basic and would probably need multiple variations/animations etc.

There are lots of videohive authors in these forums so I’m sure someone else will be able to offer more precise feedback

thank you i am anew in this field and all i need to know the reason that why iam not accepted so i can progress and avoid my my fault

can you give me example of your work

We don’t submit files here and as per above video is not a category we know a huge amount about - so we can only comment as buyers and someone familiar with common rejection reasoning.

As we said there are plenty of videohive authors in these forums who will be able to provide more feedback such as @romlam.

First of all, changing the font of the logo isn’t a good idea.

But it’s not the only reason of reject. I see a complex of problems in your design:

  • Very rough and abrupt movements of all elements
  • Overexposed highlights
  • Unrealistic mirror stripe effect looks out of place with realistic highlights

Also this project doesn’t bring anything new to the table. There is neither uniqueness nor novelty. The market is full of similar projects that do not have all the mistakes that I described above. Your project is not impressive at all.
Even if your project was made without all these errors, it would hardly be approved. Why would you buy another black pants when you already have 10 black pants in your closet? You’d better buy green one.
To understand what I’m talking about, I advise you to compare your project with similar projects on the market. You will see the difference…

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ty i will try to make some thing more aweasome