New Search Idea To Generate Sales!

I was just searching for some Videohive projects and I noticed that some “Videohive Authors” have the
talent and ability to really “sync” their projects with the timing of music better than others. And I’ve
noticed that there was a nice correlation between “Videohive sales with AudioJungle sales” that was
used in template. So, why not have a “criteria” / “filter” option to search only templates that have this
advantage. Lots of video editors are not musically inclined and I think it would be a great search feature
for our customers.

Just an idea. What’s your thoughts and suggestions ? Good idea or not ?


Here is a great example and the template that actually gave me the idea:

Hi there, interesting idea, I was wondering regarding timing and cinematography, if we could embed a MIDI file within the download of say the drums to incorporate into their projects, I know the likes of PremierPro & After effects has the ability to sync images/video to MIDI.

What ya say?

Brilliant Idea !!!

I use Final Cut Pro and wasn’t even aware you could do that in Premiere Pro.

Very Cool Idea!



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