New search & discovery tools for Elements Music tracks

Hi all! I thought I’d share this article in here, as it could be of interest to the music community:

What’s new?
Two new filter types have been added to Elements, letting customers filter by Theme and Decade. You might be wondering where these come from, as we don’t collect that metadata when you upload music tracks… Instead, these filters come from some AI-driven analysis of the music library: identifying and categorising item metadata in a consistent way across tens (or hundreds) of thousands of tracks, to give customers additional ways to find the music they’re looking for.

What’s changed?
There have also been updates to the Genre, Mood and Instrument filters. These don’t replace the information you add when uploading tracks, but they’ve been updated using a similar system to the new Theme and Decade filters - letting us more accurately surface tracks in search, when a customer is looking for something specific.

Why are you doing this?
Our research team has been heavily focused on understanding the “video creator” customer segment in the last year - it’s a valuable (and growing) segment of customers who license video templates, stock footage, music, logos/idents, SFX and a range of adjacent content types. One consistent area for improvement has been our search & discovery tools: these currently factor into a perception that Envato (both AudioJungle and Elements) no longer has the level of music quality that those customers want, as they judge the library based on what they can easily find.

Digging a bit deeper into that, in many cases we do have good quality music that those customers want… but those aren’t the tracks that they can easily find, when searching our sites. There’s still more we can do to provide you with information on what customers are looking for (searches that don’t have much content available, trend guides, more insight into commercial demand). However, we can also improve perceptions of quality by delivering better search results - so that’s the focus of this latest set of feature updates.

Let me know if you find these articles useful, and if you have any other questions - I’ll help out where I can, and will bring our Product team in to help with any questions that I don’t have enough information to answer.


It would be better if they gave the opportunity to authors from the 4th-5th paw to upload tracks to elements, to join first, but all these intellects are about nothing.


I thought that there was another forum thread for the favorites in Elements)


Exciting and promising! Anything like that for the markets in the near future?

I know the Free File of the Month is way awesome but we could use some motiviation down here in the gutters. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Finally some improvements! A few questions:

  1. These filters are based on AI which “read” titles and tags, right? Are descriptions “read” by AI as well?
  2. Genres: there is no vocal or percussive genre
  3. What is “Sound Elements” genre? xD I assume this is a bug xD It should be “Percussive”, right?
  4. I understand that genres number in the filter has been limited to the most needed. Now it is easy to use - sure, great! But besides that there should be a way to find UNIQUE tracks. Curated playlists are something that could help - but now they include only top selling genres. In my opinion there should be also some filter which would list all the genres existing on AudioJungle AND additional genres which were omitted or didn’t exist when AJ categories were introduced. Short examples: Phonk, Trailer, Drum’n’Bass, Cyberpunk, 8bit, Swing, Cuban, Industrial, Grunge, Electro Swing, Future Bass, Twerk, etc, etc., etc… I could list a huge number of them. This is a must-have for diggers which are the best influencers (in social media and in a real life) in the industry. Not mentioning creative impuls for authors

And by the way:

I’ve been saying this so many times in the past. I am happy that finally someone took care of that.


Hi all. Thanks for the comments and questions so far! I’ve spoken to our Product team, and have some more information.

@mandarin_sound We are continuing to invite small numbers of authors to join Elements, but we aren’t opening up the application process at this stage. I realise that this is frustrating for the many people who want to join, but it’s a balancing act: increasing the number of authors in any category depends on the customer demand for that content type. Over the last year, we’ve focused on adding Elements Music authors who have portfolios that match specific areas of customer demand.

@RedOctopus These filters aren’t based on titles/tags/descriptions - they’re based on the system “listening” through the content tracks themselves. Early versions of this kind of thing were applied to images (e.g. “which of these photos contains a dog?” to identify elements within an image). The new and updated Music filters use a similar system for audio, which can do things like identifying instruments that weren’t listed in the original metadata, and expanding this to identifying genres.

Great question on sound elements - that name comes directly from the system that’s used to generate this metadata, but it may be renamed in future if there’s a more descriptive label. It does include a lot of percussion instruments, but also includes things that aren’t purely percussion (stomps, shouts, etc).

Vocal isn’t listed as a genre, as it has its own filter (containing background vocals, male/female vocals, no vocals, etc). Similarly, percussive isn’t currently listed as a genre, as percussion is handled by the Instrument filter (percussion, bells, drums, etc).

On your comment about subgenres - yes, there’s more that we plan to do for these in other parts of the site (like the category page), as well as the current change to search. Our new system is building up metadata for a lot more sub-genres than you can see on the page at the moment, which have mostly been grouped into higher-level parent filters for ease of use. Future iterations might expose more of those, or let customers dig into more specific niches - as a first version, we’ve kept things pretty closely aligned to the previous filtering experience while we learn more about how the customers use them.

@WormwoodMusic Not in the near future, sorry. I know that’s bad news for many people here. Most of our engineering resources are committed to active development for Elements, which is why you’ll see a lot of changes to that site over the next year.

@zigro There have been some other posts about Elements search & discovery, but this one’s specific to music features - so I thought this would be the best place to share it, as I know there are people who want to understand how these things work.


Thanks for the detailed and complete answer.
I have one more question:
It happens that when I upload a track I am not sure of the category.
Can I ask the reviewers to put this track in a category that they will decide?
Or does such a function already exist?
Thanks again for your answers.

Thank you for the detailed answer! I appreciate that. Interesting.

IMHO this needs to be changed. I work many years in the music industry (with many, many genres) and I have no clue what does the “sound elements” mean. There is no such genre. This of course can be very creative but in the current context, neighbouring with popular genres - it means nothing.

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My humble opinion - great changes, but Corporate Tech Envato collection do not relflect quality and state of the industry. It’s full of outdated and not so good tracks. I also suggest to create Fashion collection and Music for Aerial/Drone videos. Both are highly valuable for video creators. Thanks. P.S. Separate featured collection for High Tech tracks also will be useful.

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Thanks, Ben!

Yes, those are very discouraging news indeed but the honesty and straight forward reply is really appreciated.

Thx again!

Hello Ben! Does it mean we can now use creative titles for our music?

I would like to add: is it possible to create a separate category for music Quiz, Game Show? It turns out that there is a lot of music in this style, but in what category should it be placed?

Great, more cool stuff that Elements has and we don’t. How long are the markets going to be kept on life support until you decide to pull the plug ? You are already losing a lot of authors who no longer have the patience to wait until Envato decides to stop treating them like second-class citizens.

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