New Reviewers in After Effects Category ?

Dear Envato Staff. Do we have new reviewers in AE category? Over the past month, I’ve been experiencing issues with the approval process, which hasn’t happened in the last five years. My projects that I’m trying to upload are not masterpieces, but just a couple of months ago, there were no issues with them. However, about a month ago, I started getting reject after reject (5 in a row). Could you please tell me if there are new reviewers or if there are any new rules?


I have the same thing on Audiojungle.
Suddenly there were severe rejections of 5-6 tracks in a row. Although the quality of the tracks has not changed.
Nothing like this happened for 9 years.

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One of the main problems with videohive the sheer of coping of projects. Creates garbage damp for users to find projects in and doesn’t allow people who create original projects earn.
Sounds like they are fixing this?

I look at the quality of new projects, and it’s garbage, the quality is getting worse every year. As an author, I can say that quality has gone into quantity, and this process is already irreversible

And the fault is envato workers - only focused on getting temporary currency gains. With the current trends in 2 years they will replace half of each marketplace page with “PLZZZZ, Sign up to elements for 5 $”