New Purchase Experience for First Time Buyers

Hi all,

We’ve recently released improvements to the way a new buyer makes their first purchase on Envato Market. This is part of a broader piece of work that has been removing distractions and roadblocks from buyers to allow them to get to the checkout as easily as possible. Previous releases included allowing logged out users to add to cart and creating an account using a modal on the marketplace.

The latest release builds on these improvements by allowing buyers to create an account during checkout. Previously new buyers needed to create and confirm their account before they could reach the checkout page at all. The new process allows them to create an account and checkout on the same page with far fewer distractions that can lead to lost sales. If you’ve already got an Envato Account you’ll also easily be able to sign in from this page and complete your checkout.

To refresh your memories, here’s what happened when a new buyer clicked Buy Now a few months ago…

…and here’s an example of the new flow taking them straight to checkout to complete their purchase:

If you’ve got any questions or comments about the new flow please add them below :slight_smile:


Great improvement. Thanks Luke.

THIS IS HUGE!!! Thank you so much :slight_smile: !

(oh question, do they still have to verify account via email before completing the purchase?)

Thanks Dave :smiley:

And to answer your question yes we still require email verification for security purposes, however we now only require it to complete a buyers first purchase. We do this as the final step in the PayPal transaction.

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Great news!

Nice improvement, hopefully will lead to more sales :smiley:

Great improvement. Buying on Envato has always been a very long process. I hope this improvement will increase the conversion rate!