New Profile, what do you think? Do I have a chance to become (featured) author of the week?


nearly 200 sales, so i thought, I could redesign my profile. It’s very simple now, with new backgrounds for my collections.
What are the criteria to qualify for the “author of the week” badge?

My profile, Polarus_Sound

Probably you stand a 1:20,000 chance, which is way better than lottery :slight_smile:


Well your music is very unique and of a high-quality, so I’m sure you have a good chance of one day becoming featured author. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to some of your tracks and they’re great. I don’t know the criteria for becoming featured author of the week, but it is usually given to authors who have been around for a few years and have large, varied portfolios. Good luck and one day I bet you’ll be featured author! Usually one gets featured when they least expect it :wink:

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That’s depressing…


You are funny :smile:

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I don’t know how the master of the audiojungle universe works, but like your music.

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