new profile page what do u think?


hi quite frankly i do not really understand what is the point about this new page presentation as well what is the strategy behind all this additional change indeed … and i would like to get to know what u are all thinking in your side, guys. As for me, here is what i am thinking about this change. i personally do not understand how we end up with this additional “stripe” that is basically of no use at all. it also seems to m that such a strategy is really unclockwise with what people are expecting to do marketing-wise … . After all we are expected to reduce the weight of pages for marketing purposes , especially owing to the progressive use of mobile phone for web browsing. IN this case we had a stripe with colors that basically bring nothing to the table but just makes the page slower to load … and i am aware of call to action buttons that marketing is suggesting , thus it seems to me that this additional banner is just taking out a bit of impact that buttons used to have …
what about u ? what do u think?