New Profile Header and Profile icon !



hey i decided to work on my profile look today !
it would be nice to know if you like it !

Cheers Nick


Hey Nick, sorry to say just that , but as for me this looks a bit disorganized and sort of difficult to focus on, even though the whole thing is pretty original :wink:


how about now


hi, well for me that’s not any better, everything’s too compact, this is lacking spacing and order, for me it looks sort of a bit amateur if u will when u are a pro in music and u want your visitors to feel this way and your elements have to express about it …


That’s where my photoshop and hamlet skills stop haha


Does look a bit cluttered. Too much white space, too many fonts, the logo box looks a bit messy, the font in the box at the bottom is hard to read etc etc.


Thanx brother. Maybe I’ll stick to the music and hire a graphic designer to help me



Super !!!


to be honest I liked your old design! and your new avatar looks like… a warthog?
Sorry mate, ha ha! :wink:


Haha thats ok bro… will make it better these days


buddy do u need this sort of grunge style ? pls let me know and pls send me an e-mail @, thanks :wink: