New prices problem

Hi Dear… I want to ask a question about the new prices of music themes. All themes prices are raised and for example 19$ raised to 20$ also I get %62 share. When I calculate I must get 12.40$ for 20$ it’s true. But when I purchased 16$ theme my fee is 9.30 (the old price share 15$) but it must be 9.92$.
Please give an information about this calculate.
Best wishes.

ADP is now live on Audiojungle. Your old rate doesn’t mean anything anymore. There is now a fixed buyer fee. You are free to set any price you’d like. There are numerous threads on the forum about this, have a look.

If you think not only about the problems, at manually setting the price, working with numbers counting and all that stuff. It excellent memory training for (musician’s) :wink: