New post card

Hello there!

I have uploaded new post card welcome your Criticism. ![Front side green|690x469]

hi well this is not bad in a way but this is also too basic , in a way … if the content is harmonious, let’s it , once u have taken the house picture away there is almost nothing left … in addition, u have contrast issues indeed and having texts being crossed is everything but a good idea, since , this is making the concerned texts less readable indeed. u could also drop smooth shadows under the central titles to that they are underlined, more readable and more outstanding. finally, the logo is either strangely positioned and aligned as well as the proportion is not necessarily the right one indeed

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You always come up with best judgment and gesture thats make me inspired to work and work again… I have been trying to approve my first design since 1 years but still not get that much improvement in my design.

At this point it’s best that you don’t submit items for sale here (yet), but you can definitely keep posting on the forum for feedback.

In my opinion if you want to be a designer, it should be something that you really enjoy doing, even in your free time. You should create hundreds of designs out of enjoyment, and post them on sites like DeviantArt, Behance, Dribbble, etc. Build your skill, find a niche that you enjoy, maybe try some client work and contests, challenge yourself constantly.


but its challenge for me get approval here in one design that i could tell myself as designer .

Submitting items here is not meant to teach you how to be a designer. That backs up the review queue and makes review times longer for everyone.

but i m not getting approve from the team :frowning:

That’s my point. You’re not at the point of being a professional designer yet, and GraphicRiver is for professionals. Because your submissions do not meet the high standards that professionals have they will continue to be rejected, which is why I say you should take the time to learn and build your skill outside of a marketplace platform. Your submissions are placed into a review queue along with every other submission, it takes time to go through every single submission, so the more items there are the longer it takes. It’s okay to ask questions and get feedback, but if you feel like you need your item to be looked at on the forum here before you submit it, then it likely isn’t ready. As a professional you should be confident that your item meets or even exceeds the standards, and know exactly what to do if it doesn’t.

It may sound a little harsh, but I mean no offense. I am not trying to degrade you or your work. But this is something that I feel everyone should understand. You’re definitely not the only one who needs to understand these things.

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great i will continue my journey…

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yes we understand and despite u have been sort of “progressive” , let’s face it , this is very unlikely that , right now , u get anything accepted as regard to how difficult this situation has got because of the global saturation of all categories …

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never give up buddy, keep on working, doing your best and so on and in time, things will be better , u develop skills , get things accepted and so on, u have to deal with any step step by step, working hard comes first

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thanks buddy

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u are welcome , if u feel like this is ok for u to know what to do pls check the solution box , good luck and god work buddy :slight_smile:

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